"Come With Me"

COME WITH ME Lyrics by 33Miles
Where?s that greener grass you?ve been looking for
You can?t see it anywhere, anymore
You?ve been knocking down fences just to find it
It seems no matter how hard you try
You can?t fill the void you have inside
With anything the world says is enough

You know that it will never be enough

So come with me
And I will show you Jesus
And He will give you
More than you could ask or imagine
Come with me
If you?re looking for a savior
If you?re looking for a friend
I know someone you should meet
So come with me
Come with me

Tired of everyday being just another day
You can?t take it anymore, anyway
You?ve done everything in your power
To change it
It seems no matter how much you do
All your plans keeping falling through
You need to ways to get you off the ground
For every time the world has let you down

I?m not claiming to hold all the answers
But I?m holding on to the One who does
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