Accu Er

"Black Suicide"

BLACK SUICIDE Lyrics by Accu Er
Only for pleasure - Just curious of something he had never heard
Nobody told him - how he was to know this was his first step to death

Sacrals and crosses - fixed to the wall
Blasphemy and sacrilige
Dressed in black garments - Old nick hellish
Degeneration of Church
Bright shining candles - a whimpering girl
The High-priest starting his work
Entraced adorers - raising their hands
Whispering words of release

The Worship of Satan - The image of Death
Taken possession of him
He sweared by the devil - to sacrifice life
To propagate his hellish rules
Demons of Hell - Lucifer's acolytes
Get hold of you - Doomed to eternal pain
Wild obsession - Forced by the Evil's voice
Celebration - Finish in ecstasy

Master - Master of Black Mass
Master - Beyond the Realms of Death
Tortured by nightmares - all through the night
Desperate search of refuge
To break dependence with the develish pack
Suicide - His last resort

Save - Your Soul
Avoid - The Demon's Night
The Reign of Hell
The End of the Human Race

1st solo: Frank
2nd solo: Rene
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