Ace Frehley


STARSHIP Lyrics by Ace Frehley
[Astronaut:] Hah, what is it?
[Astronaut:] We have some explanation for that?
[Houston:] We have (not). Don't worry, continue your program.

[Astronaut:] Oh boy it's a, it's a, it, it is really something fantastic here. You, you could never imagine this.

[Houston:] Roger, we know about that. Could you go the other way. Go back the other way!
[Astronaut:] Well it's kind of rich... ha, pretty spectacular... God... What is that there?

[Astronaut:] It's... What the Hell is that?
[Houston:] Go tango, tango!
[Astronaut:] Huh, there's kind of light there now!

[Houston:] Roger, we got it, we watched it. Loose comunication, bravo tango, bravo tango, select Jezebel, Jezebel.

[Astronaut:] But this is unbelivable.

"Did anybody see George Jetson?"
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