Action Bronson


NANA Lyrics by Action Bronson
[Verse 1: Chance The Rapper]
Introducin' Chance the Ruthless, trip 'shrooms and lucy
Dreams is lucid, loosely based on music, swallow my mucus
Hope your p**** get herpes and yo' a** get lupus
Deuces Douches, deuce deuce I'll shoot ya (BANG)
Shoes might boot cha and a suit might suit cha
They be on bullshit but they really don't do s***
They use of illusion could confuse Confucius
Nasty, ashy, cigarette ashing, 'til my voice get raspy
Last week suspended, last night kissed Va$htie
Parleyed with Ashley, always in the hallway
So I never been classy, (Ha ha ha) Shut up

Na na na, na na na
Na na na, na na na
Na na na, na na na
(Igh, igh, igh, igh!)

[Verse 2: Chance the Rapper]
Acid, Acid, get it? Acid melts through plastic, I spit fired
Pad my palette, talkin' paper if this was work, I'd gethigher
Pardon my mishaps, burp and get murdered
Fart and get b****-slapped, like bourbon mixed with jack
Lickety-split, Look it! He slipped on a shell
From peelin' banana splits back, give me my Kit-Kat
Don't break me off s***, batch, fack is you mean b****?
Zan with that lean b****, zan with that lean b****
Zen with that chakra I eat it like Idi Amin
Ya kna wha' mean, hit me back when that mean s***

[Verse 3: Action Bronson]
Introducin', it's Bronsonlino
With my hair slicked back, I look like Rick Pitino
3 Japanese d***s in my El Camino
Lettin' trees blow, oh, I rep the East Coast
I got a team of hoes like Pat Summit
I look like Arnold Schwarzenegger in a black hummer
(Get to the chopper!)
I splash summer like a fast brother, with a number on his back
Ain't no fumblin', in fact,I'm back, acid in my hat
Shoot then pass the gat
It's at the bottom of the river in a plastic bag
My new shorty got a gymnastic back
87 emerald green on a classic jag
She had the cleft palate, I ordered chef's salad
She had the club foot, with that little arm
I couldn't help but laugh, she ordered Chicken Parm
I had the full Bulls warm-up with the Pippens on
Suck my m************ d***
It's the young Randy Velarde
Queens, baby
Blow me
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