Al Bowlly

"You Couldn't Be Cuter"

YOU COULDN'T BE CUTER Lyrics by Al Bowlly
(You couldn't be nicer,
Couldn't be sweeter,
Couldn't be better,
Couldn't be smarter
Couldn't be cuter baby than you are)
Your poise! Your pose!
That cute fantastic nose!
You're mighty like a knock-out,
You're mighty like a rose!
I'm sold, I'm hooked!
The well known goose is cooked!
You got me little fella,
I'm sunk! I'm gone! I'm hooked!
You couldn't be cuter
Plus that you couldn't be smarter
Plus that intelligent face you have
A disgraceful charm for me.

You couldn't be keener,
You look so fresh from the cleaner,
You are the little grand slam
I'll bring to my family.
My ma will show you an album
Of me that will bore you to tears!
And you'll attract all the relatives
We have dodged for years and years.

And what'll they tell me?
Exactly what'll they tell me?
They'll say you couldn't be nicer,
Couldn't be sweeter, couldn't be better,
Couldn't be smoother, couldn't be cuter,
Baby, than you are!
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