Alan Lastufka Tom Milsom


CAN'T Lyrics by Alan Lastufka Tom Milsom
He can't put into words.
Just how she made him melt.
She molded folded, pasted and cut.
His edited heart was her favorite work of art.
And it surprised him every day.
They way she made him obey.
He can't see clearly.
Through love tinted eyes.
Her erotic, robotic bedroom lies.
Paid off in a blur .
for the minute he was let inside her.
He can't complain about he strain.
Of her relationship games.
He can't dream vividly.
While nightmares run wild.
She locked, blocked and mocked his smile.
He's been destroyed.
Tears come falling from her trained toy.
And with a sigh he can't explain why.
But he can't say "goodbye".
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