I Rusalem Lyrics

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A man is just a man(x2)
Oh weeeell
**Verse 1**
I see desperation that's why mi cyaan chill
I'm a jah jah souljah with extra dopamine skills
Mi bun mi marijuana right pon toppa di hills
I'm not a buffalo soldier neither buffalo bill
Mi love reggae music reggae music keep me awake
I'm a bongo dreadlock so I cyaan neva be fake
I am who I am I'm just a song on a tape
I'm with di s**y girls dem I'm like a child with a cake, well

I rusaleeeem here I am
I rusaleeeem here I am

**Verse 2**
Eva fearless eva ready eva sleepless
Sodoma and gomorra bun dung inna di furtherness
No watch mi face no watch mi race don't check mi place
Cah mi well sekkle inna di gideon a mi nah go move back, well
Babylon rulers and di mokka shall not prospa
So jah jah people just keep working there's no siesta
Don't call me christian call me rasta likkle pagan a yuh dem call punkabbestia
You so so seet yah

Oh well
Well give thanks and praise yeah yeah
To the most high Jah yeah heeyyy yeah
Well give thanks and praise yeaa hey

**Verse 3**
The future moving closa so dont loose yourself
Don't waste my time and please dont waste yourself
Money root ova all evil puppa specially said
I don't like my ego so I dont like myself
I don't see no race just one sheet of black
I don't talk no music I dont trick no track
I don't hate nobody oh maybe I hate myself
So let mi waste my time and let mi waste myself, well then


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