An Pierle White Velvet

"Broke My Bones"

BROKE MY BONES Lyrics by An Pierle White Velvet
You just broke my bones
You've just thrown up stones
Whenever you fear a lonely walk
You come scratching at my door
Like a guilty dog
Hell, I should have known
You would break my bones
Whatever I do, it's never right
You just grunt and holler
While you feed on fights
Let it rain down
On the playground
Which is stained now
I just cut your throat
You just broke my bones
One too many toes
Whenever you fear it's going too fine
You come crashing like a bull at my china spine
Let it rain down
I've no shame left now
Shut your game down
I will pack and go
And there's, no Further delay possible
No further excuse to postpone it
I've got to move and I've got to get on with it now
I've regrown my bones
Your true face has shown
And maybe I'm glad you crossed the line
Now I know for sure I must grow a much stronger spine
You'll be caught in tangled shadows
Of your own design
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