"Demon's Circle"

DEMON'S CIRCLE Lyrics by Anabioz
The wanderer! Do you see a circle of stones?
Pass by it as fast as you can!
It's a monastery of an ancient demon,
Ancient demon, afflicted with l***.
If your spirit and flesh are week,
Never spend the night near this place.
Otherwise you'll know love to death
She is yearned and old, as a world.

She can accept any shape,
She smells like a roses and a rain
Her body is waved from air
Her lips are hot as sand.

The succubus will sweat you to death
Till you'll became weaken
She is insatiable, her l*** is infinitive
You'll not have strength to escape.
But if you are brave and strong,
Step into the Demon's circle
And in exchange for devilish delight
You'll know the answer for any question.

If you'll overpower the Demon,
If your spirit is strong,
She must tell you all
About your future and past.

The Wanderer! I'm so cold here!
Please, warm me with your love!
I'm so lonely and starved
Don't afraid me, I'll give you passion!
You'll experience pain and enjoyment
Stay with me, be my servant!
Only stars are twinkling over
Demon's circle
And long waiting...
Come to me, you will not regret
I have so yearned for love!
Unless death - such high payment
For the pleasure I'll give you?
Years last infinitely, as well as my d***ation
Full pain and undivided passion.
I'll share my secrets with you,
If you'll divide my eternity...
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