"New Limit"

NEW LIMIT Lyrics by Anchors
It started with a shot, and flickered out in a silent flash of flame
And when the smoke had cleared and everybody left it was boundless and black again
It's not a lot, but it's as good a place to start as any
So let these tired feet and worn out shoes carry me the long way home, it's all that I know
So when the time and the tide forget me and the ruined lives
forgive me I'll take the long way home
The summer flared like a firework, and threw a blanket of gold across the bay
And I've been walking around with these chains at my feet but I feel a little lighter today
And I'm still cautious, but I'm feeling hopeful all the same
And it's better this way. It's better this way just struggling in these waves.
I was just so tired of screaming when it's all for nothing
I was just tired of trying when no one will listen, but now it's looking brighter.
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