"False Flag"

FALSE FLAG Lyrics by Andromeda
They could be anywhere
You're nor safe even in your TV-chair
It could come through the air
Land or sea - the terror's everywhere
They could be anywhere
You're not safe, not even under there
It could come through the air
In your mail - the terror's everywhere

It could be anyone
Could be your neighbour, could be your only son
Don't hesitate to inform
Pick up the phone, the witch-hunt is on

Now plant the seeds of hate
A distorted mirrorworld
False flag deception - manufacturing consent
Let's point the finger
Trust the mistrust
Give the speech of
Peace and freedom
Peace and freedom
Peace and freedom - for all

Well we've come to the show
Burning towers crumble into dust
Acting like we don't know
When deep inside every thinking human must
Jetliners vaporize
Passports, bandanas and bodies still intact
No fighters patrol the skies
For two full hours - undeniable fact

Now reap the fields of hate
And send us off to war
False flag deception - manufacturing consent
It's neverending
Blood and money
Just keep spending
Peace and freedom
Peace and freedom
Peace and freedom - for all

David Ray Griffin:
"Virtually all of the concrete of these enormous
structures was pulverized into very fine dust.
Try this: get a piece of concrete and drop it,
a little over a thousand feet, and see if it pulverizes
into very fine dust.
It won't happen."

Can you smell the Reichtag fire in the air
The Mainila, the Mukden, the Gleiwitz of today
Serving casus belli - poisoned delicacy
Pearl Harbour, JFK, RFK
Admitting to Gulf of Tonkin and
Operation Northwoods
In another 40 years: 7/7 and Madrid
Through media playing mind games
All built on FEAR
False - Evenets - Appearing - Real
False - Evenets - Appearing - Real

Barack Obama Nobel Peace Prize
acceptance speech excerpts:
"Your majesties, your royal highnesses,
distinguished members of the
Norwegian Nobel committee.
We are at war.
War, war, wars, wars, wars, wars and wars,
war, and armed conflict.
Battle in a distant land.
Wars, wars and nuclear war.
Holy war.
War in one form or another.
Just war.
We choose to wage war.
Just war, war, war.
Total wars.
Another world war.
The relationship between war and peace,
and our effort to replace one with the other.
The destructive power of war.
I understand why war is not popular,
but I also know this: the belief that peace is
desireable is rarely enough to achieve it.
We will not eradicate violent conflict in our lifetimes.
Ther will be times when nations, acting
individually or in concert, will find the use
of force not only necessary, but morally justified.
The waging of war.
The prospect of war.
The conduct of war.
So yes, the instruments of war do have a role to
play in preserving the peace.
War is sometimes necessary.
Let me make one final point about the use of force.
Yes there will be engagement,
yes there will be diplomacy, but there must be
consequences - when those things fail.
We choose to wage war.
Thank you very much."
Now sing the song of hate
Or forever hold your peace
False flag deception - manufacturing consent
With or against
There's no exceptions
No excuse
Just peace and freedom
Peace and freedom
Peace and freedom - for all

False - Events - Appearing - Real
False - Events - Appearing - Real
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