Ariana Grande

"Cadillac Song"

CADILLAC SONG Lyrics by Ariana Grande
Riding 'round in my Cadillac
Thinking 'bout the day that I first saw you
Nothing compares to what we had, and baby that won't change
I want you babe, I still want you baby, I still want you, you
[Verse 1]
Summer days with my honey
Worrying about nothing
Back in the day when things were easier than a breeze
Who knew that kiss was the last one
I never thought we would change
Baby, I'm missing you
We should have been forever but we fell apart
Might have separated but you took my heart
Always knew I wasn't really over us
Sometimes I catch myself

[Verse 2]
Memories last forever, so how could I just forget
Made everything from nothing cause time was always spent


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