Arresting Officers

"Slum River"

SLUM RIVER Lyrics by Arresting Officers
Kids grow up in the ghetto
a playground battlefield of their own
No cries for reform, know what's in store
Building a death camp from within
But slum river is a purification
______for the ghetto masses
Where ___________________
And the dead don't rise till the police find them

Minds are a place with decedent species
Unity in blood, murder and disease
Prompt in a cage of war baked vengeance
Chaos and judgement 'til today

Guns and knives become your lives
It's not survival they're on the attack
With dollar signs in their eyes
if they target you, you're gonna die
Dogs of war now roam the streets
Stand behind this eternal defeat
The fall of Rome was never so close
It's apocalypse, starting slow

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