Let Go (radio edit) Lyrics

LET GO (RADIO EDIT) Lyrics by Aruna With Mark Eteson
[00:03.50]Let Go
[00:06.79]Aruna & Mark Eteson
[00:18.64]Kill the lights
[00:19.88]I'm fading tonight
[00:21.29]I don't wanna be here
[00:25.80]You got me tongue-tied
[00:27.24]Losing my mind
[00:27.90]Every time that you're near
[00:33.14]You know its over, we're just wasting time
[00:40.52]In search of happy days you know we'll never find
[00:46.81]For love, I fought, I've waited
[00:53.91]All that I had inside, I gave it
[01:01.27]Tried to believe, in time, I'd save it
[01:08.32]Sometimes the truth is hard to take
[01:11.96]There's nothing to do but walk away
[01:16.11]Let go
[01:19.63]Let go
[01:23.36]Let go
[01:26.95]Let go
[01:30.60]Let go.

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