"It's Now So Clear"

IT'S NOW SO CLEAR Lyrics by Ashers
Down on your luck all the f****** time
you can't have what you want
cuz it's been taken
submission, depression
pills booze dark rooms
so pathetic ask yourself
what's the f****** use
get trashed smash glass
f*** that rise up
life's tough think straight
now no one's safe
its no use f*** you i hate you
and sooner or later
i'm coming to get you
hatred has ended this depression
look in my eyes
revenge is coming
and that's a promise
pay for your lies
i can see there's no way out
its now so clear
what must be done
i wore no armor yeah you saw me cry
tears of hatred now desensitized
how do you feel
i feel no remorse
i watch as fate turns a drastic course
b***** red rivers run from your veins
stab slice cut never again

never again
it must be done
never again
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