Beast Conjurator

"Fighting in the Depths of Hades"

FIGHTING IN THE DEPTHS OF HADES Lyrics by Beast Conjurator
Two coins to the old ferryman
And all the plagues lie in front of me
A whole place of pure sufferance
Under the three-headed guardian's feet
Tartarus, where manifestations of evil come forth
Chthonic caves that hide the shadow-bodies within its darkness

The souls of the dead form legions
And march through the odious shore
Calling me to join their abhorred army
And sail the five ancient rivers to fight
We shall soon conquer the underworld lord's throne
The prophecies of the Nekromantheon shall be done

Eridanos of hate, I smell your nitrous stench
Phlegethon of fire, in your flames I taste disgrace

We're still fighting in depths of Hades!
Styx, where we fell, (putrid) vein of hell
Into your detestation waters, we are dead!

Acheron, where we bathe, (morbid) womb of death
Under your thousand pains, we are dead!
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