"n****'s Dont Want It"

N****'S DONT WANT IT Lyrics by Benzino
[Intro: Benzino]
n***** don't want it
These n***** don't want it
n***** don't want it
Benzino.. take your best shot

[Chorus: Benzino]
n***** don't want it
These n***** don't want it
These n***** don't want it...
n***** don't want it
These n***** don't want it
n***** don't want it

Ashtray for the roaches
Shift up V-12 ferocious
In the 6, big gats and hostess
Beneath city lights, n***** get ready
Make sure you hold your gun right, shoot steady
Stop shakin, betta bust that n****
Feel the rush when you squeeze that trigga
You only get one chance, one opportunity
Take your best shot - n**** get through to me
The war's on once again, ground zero
Made Men, let's take it to the end
When the smoke clears - I be the only one left
Fight n***** to the death, you can't win
Understand me Lord, forgive me for my sins
Benzino.. been killin.. been stealin..
Been sellin.. n***** stop tellin..
Been robbin.. been shockin.. been rockin..
I blow up spots - f*** bin Laden!
Can't you understand real n***** don't die? (n***** don't want it)
Just light a candle up in the middle of July
Anybody pop s*** and don't want to die...
I know the reason why...
[Chorus w/ variations]

Er'body run for they life, take cover
I rip mics unlike no other
Rosary and wife beater's, ice grill
Cowards show heaters, but don't want to kill
b**** tight for real, what the deal?
How you gonna wanna go the whole 9...
When you scared to hold a 9?
9 o' clock come you got 15 minutes
7 days away dogg, gotta get in it (n***** don't want it)
I ain't backin up from nobody, no crew
No man - especially not you
You ain't ready for the big game
Clothesline that b****, make him know my name
I'm going deep like Moss
Make you pay a high price if you don't know the cost
Ain't nothin I'd kill for a cause
Stay high, steady ride ill cars
Burn that hash, brizza roll that weed
Let me show you why these fake cats don't know me
Hangmen hang 'em high, hold fire, til you see the white's in they eye
The enemy's at the gate, on the front line
It gets ugly when I go for mine
Grab the microphone, spread the prophecy
Go and tell your hood, your people ain't stoppin me
More, he's up to no good, stop watching me
This year, my year just watch and see, m***********
[Chorus 2.5x w/ variations & Benzino ad libs]
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