"Still I bleed"

STILL I BLEED Lyrics by Blackened
Another Journey
That doesn´t find its end
Why can´t we all see
We hold the key in hand
I´ve lived a thousand times
A million places I have been
Nothing have I found
And truth I couldn´t see

Another journey
Takes me closer to release
The master of you all
I see what no one sees
I brake my chains
I brake my jail
In the end I will prevail
I´m bleeding to become what
No one else can be

Still I bleed
And Slowly I will cross the line
Still I bleed to drain my veins
Of death, betrayal, fear and hate
Still I bleed
And slowly I will cross the line
To the promised land
Where immortality is mine
Another journey
To become what I should be
The master of my fate
born for divinity
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