Blonde Redhead

"This Is Not"

THIS IS NOT Lyrics by Blonde Redhead
Once she loved a boy. But he did not love her.
His name was Jun. Disillusioned she tried to forget.
So she left everything & traveled to the other side of the world.
But life was like a dream.
A series of meaningless movement.
And then by chance she met you & your brother.
The moment she saw you.
She knew you were made for her.

You're never out of her thoughts. She sees only you.

If it was yesterday he'd felt free just like her
He could have been with her
But today can't be anymore
Tomorrow maybe yes. But today he is not there.
I heard someone say
That mind keeps wondering from desire to contempt
From contempt to desire
Never ever feeling bored. Cause we think we are free.
I think it's so pathetic. Don't you ?
Were you listening to me. No not even one word.
I heard someone say that mind keeps wondering
Life is like a dream. A series of meaningless movement.
I heard someone say
Let's go to the other world
Because we think we are free. A series of meaningful

La la la
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