Up From the Grave Lyrics

UP FROM THE GRAVE Lyrics by Blood Vomit
Out of the ground we crawl
like worms
The stench of death released
from the earth
Up from the grave
We eat living flesh
Once we possessed
Now decays on our bones

Up from the grave
Feasting on entrails
Our lips stained with blood
Crack the cranium devour
the brain

Armies of the dead attack
Shred the flesh and drink
the blood
Slaughtering our living victims
Extinction of the human race
Biting through your flesh
and bone
Our hunt of death will never stop
When there is no room in hell
Then the dead will walk
the earth
Invading your cities like a
rotting plague
Armageddon in the form of
zombies comes for you
Horror, torn apart, ripped to
shreds, catatonic state

Ravenous corpses, hunt
you down
You are dismembered,
your throat torn out
Vomiting, your own innards
Nothing ends, this holocaust

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