MONEY Lyrics by Borgore
I might have kids around the world
But I wouldn't f****** know
'Cause I've got so many b******
That I'm in a vertigo
And I can not use a rubber
'Cause I'm so f****** skint
That when I go to a store
I can't buy a lousy mint
I own a Lamborghini
It's just a small model
My friend want it 'cause I'm in debt
So we had to royal rumble
He has this hot girl
They're like the beauty and the beast
'Cause I broke his f****** teeth
And can't afford a dentist
Yes, we can
No we can't 'cause I don't know no one that owns money
I would have f****** cry
But the situation is kind of funny
Borgore, what would you do if you'd be like, filthy rich
I'll buy the Olsen Twins and a private beach
I'm selling f****** tunes
Punishing different women
What can I say, b****** love my seamen
I'm always on the grind
But Its not for f****** skengz
I'm a m************ player with no money in the bank
(Money in the bank..)
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