Bradley Hathaway


SAMUEL Lyrics by Bradley Hathaway
Well I first met Samuel on a college campus
He was wearing a brown b***on up shirt and brown rope sandals

And he told me that God loved me even when I didn't obey my parents
Or wasn't mindful of all His other commandments like not putting Him first
Or being covetous of my neighbors' stuff
And I ain't never heard this before so I said
"Hey! What for would a god love me so for no reason more?"
And he looked deep into my eyeballs
Past my iris and vessels through my heart
And past various channels and he ended in my soul
And he didn't say a word because he didn't have to
Deep down inside I just knew

And I thought of the love I have for a girl for no obvious reason
And though we're apart my love just grows with every season
Or the first time I held a newborn baby in my arms, saw her little arms, saw her little heart beat through her little head,
Touched her little fingers and little toes
Or the time when I was walking alone in the woods
And I saw a brown bear all shaking and s***gy
Or the love I have for my father
Even though he gave me every reason to hate him
Or the first time I flew in an airplane
It was a religious experience
Or the first time I saw a cactus in Arizona
It was a religious experience
Or that time when I was in Sweden
Having Swedish meatballs at my friend David's house
Pretending to read Swedish to his little daughter with blonde hair and blue eyes
A story about a bear named Bamsa
And she just laughed and she laughed over and over again in Swedish
Samuel kept talking people kept walking and balking
And the curious stalking like hungry wolves with no legs
But they're too proud to hang their heads and beg
But they don't see that they don't have to
That God wants to He wants to pour out His love on us until our hands are full
And our raging minds just cool
My love is a raisin
And God's is a pumpkin
Or a cantelope
Or a watermelon
Or a really big something and I WANNA EAT IT!

Yeah I wanna be loved for no other reason at all except that I am
All my quirks and my wrongs and my insecurities
All my passions, my better habits, and abilities

For Adam and Eve were both naked
They bore theirs souls and bodies for one another and were accepted
I wanna be naked too
Yeah let's all get naked! I wanna be naked with all of you!

But there's this fear between us and beneath
My heart is a drawbridge
I'll lower it down so you can come in and meet me
We can eat and drink some tea
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