Brendan Kelly And The Wandering Birds

"Doin' Crimes"

DOIN' CRIMES Lyrics by Brendan Kelly And The Wandering Birds
Kick the door down and run at the kid holding all the guns
When he crumples to a b***** heap we"ve won.
Mind the walls are listening, the eyes all dot the sky
Smash the glass and take what you can carry home tonight.
We need some duct tape. I need some chloroform.
I gotta sedate this thing that just got born.
I gotta get free, I wanna dance and spin
And pass out on a pile of trashbags beneath ten dirty men.
Take a step back girl, I"m having trouble breathing.
I"m spinning from that double-double heaving up the black stuff
Feeding all the worms. They say I"ll never learn. I never wanna learn.

But I been sleeping with one ear wide awake and watching all the gathering crowds.
I been mapping out what I"m-a gonna take when the dynamite blows the glass out.

Do you really wanna be sedated? I"d rather be awake and plotting schemes.
I"d rather be feared than hated.
But either one is really fine with me. Yeah.
I"m doin" crimes I"m doin" crimes.
And I get by just fine
Doin" crimes.
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