"Best I Expect to Do"

BEST I EXPECT TO DO Lyrics by Bride
Remember when I was larger than life; everyone wanted a piece of me
You stood there right there in line to take your cheap shots hurting me
What if I came back? And the lights were brighter than before?
You are in denial
Cause I'm the King of the World!
That's the best I expect to do
Is to walk all over you

Every drop of sweat that pours from my skin is the salt of my soul
You don't expect me to trust, eyes as black as coal
I'm going to fly through the crack in the sky
Through the hole in the sun
To the center of the earth
I'll never be outdone
You wanna know why the change when everybody knows my name
Don't you worry your not to blame I just can't remain the same
Do you believe in torment?
I'm the touchstone of your soul
I just can't believe
In your hell any more
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