Buck 65

"Hats on Beds"

HATS ON BEDS Lyrics by Buck 65
Shoot the messenger, measure his wingspan.
The organ grinders had the whole thing planned.
Take his tongue and remove his two eyeballs.
Savin' em up for the day if that guy calls.
I'm almost certain, but this is speculation,
The notes are in a box marked "Christmas Decorations".
Remember what I told ya to do with the hair gel,
And don't let anyone see you in the stairwell.
Tell the key cutter I said to stay home.
I'll call him at quarter after twelve from a pay phone.
Make sure whoever stays the night has a dental plan.
The girls already came through with the rental van.
Shave all the hair on your body and bathe.
The convoy will be at the border by morning.
Take the appetite suppressants at sunrise.
Over-exerting tonight would be unwise.
We'll all be wearing the matching necklaces.
Double check everything; There's no room for recklessness.
Burn the clothes I was wearing on Wednesday.
Pay no attention to what your so-called friends say.
Bury the screwdriver set in the playground.
The blood donor said he needs a half-hour to lay down.
Only ever sign for parcels if you know the guys.
9:30 a.m. sharp - we mobilize.
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