"The Origin"

THE ORIGIN Lyrics by Cadaveres
You've come so far, but you still don't know who you are
Matter was formed from the remains of a star

Dust to dust, flesh to rust
We're living fast, we won't last
Your words, my heart
Body and mind ripped apart

Running around in circles again (Running around in circles)
There's no beginning and there's no end (No begining and no end)
Lost in a world that does not care (Running around in circles)
No one ever asked to be here (The origin of the failures)
Origin of one, creation undone
Interior spiritual, exterior material

Origin of one - I lost the plot
Creation undone - Where's my god?
Interior spiritual - Yet it's so dense)
Exterior material - doesn't make a sense
I came this far but I still don't know who you are
I've prayed in vain but you're just a dying star

Love to l***, who to trust?
Temporary state, angeldust

You're dead, I'm done
Body and mind have gone
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