HEARTBREAKER Lyrics by Caravan
I fell from the right side into the dark
I did time with the Bullet Boys and I thought that really smart
Then you came to me with that smile on your face
Light's in your eyes and no sense of disgrace
Heartbreaker, I felt for you so
Soul taker, now everybody knows
Nobody knew it quite as well
While with you was a heartache, without you is a hell
If I thought of anyone, I thought of myself
I stood crying with my fingers high, I didn't need nobody else
Then you took me down with a flash and a grin
Showed me what it's all about and flew me back on in

You can feel cold when you're getting old, you can feel tall when you're small
Would you think twice when a summer night's gonna run for you to call
If it hits you like a thunderbolt right between the eyes
You don't know what is happening, you just feel surprised
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