"World Wars III and IV"

WORLD WARS III AND IV Lyrics by Carnivore
A bomb hits the city all life instantly vaporized
but I'm not so fortunate burning right before my eyes
stumbling I trip over pieces of descending flesh
leaving a pile of smoldering humanoid mess
coming in waves
leading me to
a nuclear grave
Are you ready
will you be
will you fight WW III
are you ready
are you sure
will you fight WW IV
Humanity somehow stood up on its mutated feet
reeling with pride man just would not accept his defeat
into the missiles deadly disease and poison gas
launching them off terracidal journey kills the last
vomiting blood
I choke on my tongue
the gas from above is filling my lungs

Silence and darkness the species of man is extinct
the boiling oceans into which the continents sink
gravity gone the moon collides with a dead earth
flaming world out of orbit flying into deep s***e
prey for your death
if you survive
you'll die in pain
in world war V

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