Casey Dienel

"Fat Old Man"

FAT OLD MAN Lyrics by Casey Dienel
You've moved off to Seattle
You go down yo the bar every day
This morning you woke up in the park
Wearing only a tiny straw hat
You've got a mad dog with a bad leg
And a comb full of rotten teeth
But the days get longer you don't get no younger
And nobody's calling for you
Keep moving on

You're chewing aspirin like M&Ms
Anything to dull the pain
But the doctor says it's nothing that a little courage wouldn't fix.
So they put you up on morphine and they strap you to the bed
Saying "Darling, it's just a bad dream, it'll be over soon"
Keeps moving on

Oh nobody
Nobody feels like fighting

You've unplugged all the phone lines
And changed the locks on the doors
You've been wearing suits and collared shirts
And you've changed your name to Carlos
You take up with a lady
The kind that wears perfume
And she likes the sound of your name
When it's following after hers
Keep moving on
Then she tells you there's a child
And he's three months along
She's been dying to tell you
'Cause she thinks he'll have your nose
You call her up the next day
It was St. valentine's
And you wanted to know about the hometown
And see if it was standing
And it keeps moving on
'Cause nobody
Nobody feels like fighting

The LeCalire boy died in a fire
The town gathered by the harbor's edge
And sure enough when the flames died down the boat almost sunk
The next day the sea was quiet
The tide came in, then moved out
That's just one way of saying
Nothing changes when you're gone
It keeps moving on
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