"He Knows You Are Alone"

HE KNOWS YOU ARE ALONE Lyrics by Chainsaw
Soaring From The Haze Of The Deep
Fusing With The Shades On The Street
He's Crawling
He;s Creeping
No One Can See Him
Until He's At Your Home
He Knows You Are Alone
Captured For Long Time
Now The Chains Are Broken
Waiting For A Sign
And The Words Were Spoken
That Call Him Up Form The Twilight Zone
He Knows You Are Alone
Alone In The Park
Alone With The Dark
Alone Is Your Doom
He'll Catch You Soon

A Winged Nightmare Lies In Wait
Someone Will Meey His Fate
Do You Feel The Blight
Of His Deadly b***
You will Be His Own
He Knows You Are Alone
Cold, Dark And Dead
His Realm Is The Graveyard
His Vast power Swells
By Every New Victim
Now, You Sit Before His Throne
You'll Never Be Alone
You'll Never Be Alone
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