Childish Gambino

"We Flexin'"

WE FLEXIN' Lyrics by Childish Gambino
Let me see you f****** bounce with it
Kay, ay, ay
Ay (we flexin')
Ay (we flexin')
Ay (we flexin')
Here we go
[Verse 1]
n**** I'm tight like BVD
n**** I'm sick like CDC
All my s*** be classic, yours gets skipped like DVDs
This beat be droppin' acid, do we have to tell 'em so?
Keysha got me percocets I'm chillin' and it's hella dope
Tell 'em ho, I ain't Tebow, I don't pray for change
All I do is do it, I'm Nike, I'm drinking Gatorade
I got my hoodie so I gotta be a gangster
Why Geraldo Rivera look like a child molester?
Heh, we the ill pandemic
Sick boy, n****, yeah we royalty forever
All my G-O-O-Ns are well-spoken
One white guy, he's a classic token
a**** open, droppin' s***
Flashback, that's a hashtag
Man f*** down like a mersey
Smell these n***** like an armpit
I be in like David on my avid baby making hits
They be making white girls like 'Ye did Taylor Swift
Ain't that some s***, really though, Sealy Posturepedic ho
When she in my bed but she ain't haven't even seen a video?
Now shoot that, who's that?
Roll up on n***** like fruit snacks
You better walk big Gambino but you ain't got money
m*********** that's too bad
That's like - countin' fat stacks out in Harlem
That's like - f****** Kat Stacks with no condom
Stupid, everybody out here needs to cool it
Rap stepfather, no more hanging in the pool s***
n***** that I'm cool with, they don't need to show me
That Gambino girls are royalty now n**** that's an army!
We like
We flexin', we flexin'
We flexin', baby run it back!
Woo, woo! We flexin', we flexin' (Baby run it back!)
[Verse 2]
Street monsters, where the f*** is Gordon?
Maria I want to be puttin' that thing on your daughter
Gambino brings the sushi, they doin' John Belushi
So stupid but they cutie so sue me if I get booty
That's Louis, Gucci or Prada, Bugatti b****** who holla
Wanna take Foxy out but I gotta be gettin' Donnas, like
"I'm an artist man." No y'all ain't!
Man f*** Photoshop, I'm in MS Paint!
Making circles with that circle thing, Gambino boy you murdering
Now I got this afro those cornrows were f*****' hurting me
When you taking these girls up to Malibu
When the hot girl coming to a bug-a-boo?
I like my face when I'm under you
Screen Actors Guild with a "W," swag

We flexin', we flexin'
We flexin', baby run it back!
We flexin', we flexin'
We flexin', baby run it back!
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