BALANCE Lyrics by Chiraw
Ashes remain
Leaves Nothing but a stain
Upon this fragile frame
Comprehend the reason
Comprehend the treason
Bow down to my dismay
There's no balance in the pain
Only judgement tragedy
I'm just a black hole
Call me a vertigo
Nocturnally enslaved
Comprehend the reason
Comprehend the treason
Give up pretensiously
This is not the way that it's supposed to be
Can't forget these inflicted memories
Wired controlled let me go
Imbalanced fate
Feelings migrate
There must be more to life than this
I cannot start all over again
As I savor every kiss
They still haunt me
All over again
When will this end
Treasure the memorie
Forging simplicity
Accomplish serenity
Right now
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