Common Market

"Watership Down"

WATERSHIP DOWN Lyrics by Common Market
"...To fallen comrades, all i have to offer is this
word of insignificance, y'all really been missed
some soldiers never enlist, but find themselves
engaged in conflict where it's life's stakes, regardless
aint nothin' promised from the minute we started
still it's hard feelin' you wasn't robbed of any part
every bar penned in your memory's honor, my intercession
i struggle to keep the faith, i'm bereft of possession
what's left then, of this pathetic relic i stepped in?
the cut through the core may have severed my last connection (3)
i'm expectin' a sign of acceptance, tethered to the axiom (4)
inadequate reception, i reckon it's from the valium
a stepson of the pallium challenge and test one
nebulous response said 'it's better not to question'
in rejection of your slant, i'm demanding an explanation
where's the justice or the justification in takin' nathan?
brother you listenin'? send the exposition
i'm sick of pretending there's any intent to my existence
i'mma lie beneath the woodbine, lookin' for a sign
if you could find [one] - right about now'd be a good time
CHORUS: i had a dream this morning
that the rain came pourin' better vacate the warren, and i...
i've never seen such mournin'
in the wake of a storm better wake up the warden, and i...
beg you to heed this warnin'
for the sake of the pure and i'mma wait here for 'em
we gotta leave these quarters
and escape what's in store, either face fate or break, y'all
a straggling of peers in the academy
are lookin' at me like 'you said to move, start travelling'
a captain with no navigating skills in the galley
fightin' to flee the feral at the peril of the menagerie
within the waves [i] start waverin'
where's this revelation when the frame comes cavin' in?
grave thoughts - where they 'bout to put mine? if you
overlook a crime, right about now'd be a good time...
it's a long reach into vast s***e
lately i been slashed, maybe you could meet me halfway
days passed since i got the cache tatted
i'm a fast player with the match and paper in the ashtray
told when i asked that the pathway is wide, though
accommodatin' all cats attracted to the fire's glow
tough as it was i let my pride go - something said to
trust, but it's nothing left inside to revive, over
thin books of laws we found cause for discord
and distort every bit of wisdom it gives forth
quick to stir it up and settle s*** with a fist, lord
they'd be afraid of death if they had something to live for
the orb in the distance shone for the lone canoness
grantin' 'em amnesty for tamperin' with the manifest
my mannerism a prism and should shine, light it if you would
be so kind, right now'd be a good time
i'm tryin' not to feel responsible
for complicating things in relation to the chronicle
you're free to walk away, for you to stay seems improbable
if i led you astray i pray to suffer the unconscionable
but if [there's] truth therein, drop the
anchor deep and save me, thankfully your bravery
withstood mine, shook in the waves, but it looks fine
give praise - right about now'd be a good time."
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