COMPROMISE Lyrics by Crossfear
Where is the famous peaceful day?
I can't even stop to think about it
Did you forget my f****** name?
I'm your intention to known the heaven
Sign this contract and just wait a few days
Angels will come to receive you
But it will cost more than your loyalty
That's the price of existence!
I known...the truth about the love
You feed...for him...
Do you believe in your eyes?
Let me tell you what you've become:
A blindman with no soul
Let me tell you:
You're the last man to die for a natural death

A brand new life
About to die from his own hands
You can't deny your compromise

Where is that f****** faithful man?
You can't even taste what you believe
You sell the heaven because you're in hell
I am the truth behind your redemption
It's time to come with me!

For years and years you lived like me
Untill I fall asleep forever
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