"Refugee Annoyance"

REFUGEE ANNOYANCE Lyrics by Czolgosz
From civil wars to genocide, displaced people run and hide.
Fleeing from their condemnation, shattered with intimidation.
What are we gonna do about the cop problem?
What are we gonna do about the government?
What are we gonna do in the United Nations?
What are we gonna say to the usa?
Grasping straws in foreign lands, as tadjiks flee to afghanistan!
Cross the border to a hostile nation, locals full of indignation.
Disease bloom, no sanitation, flourish with no medication.
Dazzled, fazed, and on the run, refugess are devastated!
But my precious time cannot be wasted.
Millions of displaced people, herded into united nations refugee camps,
where they are easily slaughtered by ethnic rivals, under the watch of UN
peacekeepers. In rwanda, uganda, angola, congo, east timor, bosnia,
sierra leone, and bhutan. Fleeing, running, hiding, crying, begging
Looking for help, begging for more, Refugee annoyance!!
Reneg on the human aid, as the public interest fades.
Western world content with war, so refugees are such a bore.
Scores more die, its not my fault, sitting on my comfortable a**.
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