Danny Brown

"Radio Song"

RADIO SONG Lyrics by Danny Brown
This is anti clean rap, n**** where the green at?
RZA take your sweat I had the b**** the size of bean bags
Not what you're used to, b**** I rep the bluza
And the label fools gold, jeans with medusas
b****** wanna scoop us, their p**** like loofahs
Y'all n***** losers cop clothes from the boosters
Hoes wanna choose up of course they gonna choose us
These stupid a** n***** wouldn't know what to do
So they copy wack n***** that's what they made you
The game's so trendy, that's why these labels fail
Cause they don't care about music, just first week sales

[Hook: Danny Brown]
So they say you need a hit, a chart toppin' single
That's why it's called commercial, because you need a jingle
A smash crowd banger, play it all night long
You never get on, without a radio song
So this my radio song (2x)
She wanna ride the wave, watch me do my swag surf
Party like a rockstar, never bought a makeup purse
Songs with no villains, but she feel my thang on her
Stripper with a leaky ceiling, I'mma make it rain on her
Taught me how to Dougie, I'd rather see you jerk
Skeet skeet, on the walls and her skirt
She'd rather hear a love song about what she getting
But not from Danny Brown, cause b**** I ain't tricking'
Do the pretty girl rock, and even though you ugly
Getting dirty money, but b**** I ain't above that
Ice cream paint job, send me with the
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