Dee Carstensen

"Farewell With Love"

FAREWELL WITH LOVE Lyrics by Dee Carstensen
If you'd been born in August
I'd have dressed you in white cotton
I'd have held you to my breast
and kissed you in the sun
if you'd been born to listen
you'd have heard the sweetest music
I'd have whispered every lullaby
that mothers have sung
and had you become older
I'd still have rocked you like a baby
I'd have changed my voice to the stories I'd have read
had you ever asked a question
I'd have answered you in earnest
and then left the hall light on beside your bed
If you'd been born in winter
your cheeks would have warmed like roses
cause I'd have bundled you in goose down
from your head to your toes
and the moment that you smiled
I'd have thought myself the first one
to understand what every mother knows

and had you known your father
you'd have been as proud as I am
you'd have wanted to be with him just as I do now
you might have wanted him to hold me, and console me
and if asked how I'm to live without you
maybe he'd know how
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