"Beggin' in the Slums"

BEGGIN' IN THE SLUMS Lyrics by Defeater
(After findin' our way to New York, it was back to just more of the same. Playin' on the street, shinin' shoes, cleanin' up in bars and houses for room and board. The color of your skin didn't seem to matter as much up here, but your time in war didn't seem to matter much either. No man would give you so much as a dollar a day, for any kinda work. I had gotten pretty good pickin' that guitar, and I tried to get in those coffee shops that seemed to be poppin' up all over now-a-days. But they didn't care much for my sound, said I just was a hillbilly. So I would just keep playin' where I could, put my hat down and just sing until my lungs were sore and my fingers would bleed. I won't ever forget that day i saw that young man watchin' me.)

I ain't been sleeping well these days
I lie awake listening to the trains
Wishing for one of them
To come take me away
Lost my way every place I've been
Tired of thinking of all the hurt I've seen
Wishing for death
To finally take me.

My days are all the same
On the corners I beg and plead
I blow my lungs out
For some strangers change
The nights are long and cold
Under bridges where you're all alone
Embers of the fire build
Like drifts of snow
I've been thrown out
I've been let down
Never felt a promise
Of this town
That it was supposed to be
When I left home
I am washed up
On my last breath
Just an old man
With nothing left.
It ain't the way it was supposed to be
When I came home.
My ups and my downs
Have burnt me out
These people watching me
The swan song that I sing
And in the crowd
I feel the eyes
That have been broken down
Just like mine.
I hope these words dig deep
I hope he's listening
He sees what I've become
Just a broken man begging in slums
I found my hope
Finally found my hope
In the poor lost souls eyes
That were burning just like mine.
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