"The b*** and Sting"

THE B*** AND STING Lyrics by Defeater
(When I was about fifteen, my momma gave me a silver flask my daddy left her while he was away. He told her to keep a little bit in there, just in case she missed him too much, if she should need somethin' to ease the pain. I wish I had met him, I think we would have gotten along quite nice, we both seem to have a dear friend in the drink. i spent a month or so gettin' p***** up and thrown out of every place in town, and i figure i walked by them recruitment posters thirty or so times before they took. but when they did, after ma died, my heart wouldn't settle for anything else. so i sobered myself up and found myself in front of a sargeant's desk, no older than me, signin' my life away for this country. if there was a place for me, it was with a gun
in my hand. i met my captain the day we shipped out, he was from monroe county, just a few hours from me. it was nice to have someone else from alabama there with me, it reminded me of home.)

I've spent days in this trench in the snow,
Just my gun by my side.
It's cold and wet and you're all alone
Up keeping watch at night.
The b*** and the sting
that the bitter cold brings
reminds you, that you're still alive.
The hope and the pride
that we all hold inside
seems to break when another boy dies.
The b*** and the sting
The bitter cold brings
Makes you wish that you weren't still alive
The hope and the pride
We all hold inside
Seems to break
Seems to break.

We ain't seen no germans for days
We're just tired and sore
And it feels like I'm wasting away
So I drink from my flask to stay warm.
Every bomb miles away
Every faded engine cry
Still makes your heart start to race
Keeps you praying at night.
It's too quiet and too calm
For something not to be wrong
So we sit as brothers in arms.
So we wait and we shake
Hear the roar of the tanks
And the gunfire of the oncoming storm.
The ring in our ears
And the cold rush of fear
Overtakes us with the enemy in sight.
I stagger, but don't falter
I aim and pull the trigger
And we fight, we fight, we fight.
But it all happens too fast
The blur of the sweat in my eyes
For every man killed
Seems 2 of my friends fall to die
I'm down on my knees
Feel the pain in my gut
And the snow is covered in blood.
Crawl to my captains side
With his head on my knees
Says "see to it that my grave is kept clean"

Awake in a hospital bed
Just rows and rows and rows of dying kids.
And I know
my whole
Infantry is dead.
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