Dirty Rig

"Suck It"

SUCK IT Lyrics by Dirty Rig
Ya Suck It
Ya Rock It
Livin life bright superstar shine kills the presence of the dark
Cream on the little babies heaven for the naked stark
I make no rules honey it's cool I know your new to rock
You like to dance open your pants I never miss the mark
Now I know you had Another chick in bed when I was outta town
Now I'm doin' you and your girlfriend too
I like the way we get it on come on
Come on Suck It
Come on Rock it
Come on Suck It
Fire away ya s**y machine ya
Hot b**** with a rock n roll dream
I know what I like Ya what I see Ya
Roll outta here like kings and queens come on
Love making through the night until the dawn's cold kiss heart
Shake off the morning tweek and soon I must depart
Until we meet again I leave you with this thought...
(git solo)
Come on Suck It
Come on Rock It
We are a flame Ya, goin insane ya
Leavin destruction for those who blame
I love you baby, for you I came
Across what divides with nothing but fame
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