Dory Previn

"Mama Mama Comfort Me"

MAMA MAMA COMFORT ME Lyrics by Dory Previn
mama mama comfort me

you're the loving one
daddy bought me

electric trains

cause what he wanted

was a son

he wanted a son

oh mama mama where's the joy

in a birthday gun

daddy taught me

how to shoot

cause what he wanted

was a boy

he wanted a son

oh mama mama

don't be down

lift your grievin' head

and tell me what you said

you got no lovin' left around

but don't you understan'
your daddy man is dead?

am i'm alive

but i can't get through

is there anything to gain

if i get out my electric train?

if i should shoot his gun for you

would that tend to please you

tend to ease your pain

oh mama

i ain't guilty

you're not to blame

what we did is done

sure we failed
our daddy man

cause what he wanted

was a son

to carry his name

but show you love me

show you care

show me mama

and i swear

i will make it up to you

in everything i do

all but one

i ain't your son

i'll always and forever be

always and forever me

me me mama

comfort me
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