The Woods Lyrics

THE WOODS Lyrics by Drenge
[Verse 1]
Take a walk in the woods, I've got a rasping in my chest
My memory's kinda, blurry like a VHS
If we fought last night, I can't remember anything you said
Just the sound of your voice, and a ringing in my head
And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil
This is the font and this is the aisle
This is the casket, and this is the steeple
Burn my body by the banks of the Derwent
And it won't mean anything at all
Nothing's sacred, nothing's special
To you
[Verse 2]
Take me dancing, or drive me round the block
Play me scratched, CDs that never work
I remember you lighting up, and I remember you acting tough
I can't remember anything you said



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