Elevate I Am

"Captain Iceberg"

CAPTAIN ICEBERG Lyrics by Elevate I Am
Pardon me, this is the last time I shall interject
I know you care for me but you see I am just a shadow
Flood the deck boys
Abandon ship green horns
They call me the captain
Just call me Captain Iceberg
And if you dare send out a flare
I'm going down with the ship
Me and my darkest friend
How can I get away from you
I am buried inside these eyes and I just cant compromise for you
I know you care for me but you see my trend will never wear
No life raft, no vest
Embrace my arctic death
I go numb, I wont feel my lungs collapse
As another burden body is laid to rest
The passenger is pleased, just as pleased as he can be
As I drop to my knees
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