Erica Freas

"Song for a Mermaid"

SONG FOR A MERMAID Lyrics by Erica Freas
Listen to me / as vast as the salt seas / those uncharted waters / these Kamilche daughters. / No one knows our siren songs like we do. / Pulling on the new moon like we do. / The tales are true / as bright as the moon / a canvas for daydreamers in the night. / No one knows our dark sides like we do. / Howling at the full moon like we do. / Look in wide eyed owl / there's a rose garden inside / we'd wrap up in each other / let our skin be our disguise / our blood rides in tandem / we've been wove on the same loom. / No one knows our insides like we do. / No one knows which is which size like we do. / To me you are like breathing / you're like food. / Mermaid and unicorn to tell it true. / Unicorn and mermaid me and you.
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