Nervous Lyrics

NERVOUS Lyrics by Esham
Nervous breakdown
Stress build-up
And I'm paranoid
I just think I'm God
I know I'm God
I'm God
I'm stressed out like a mu'f****, hand on my heata
I told my b**** to get the f*** on, I don't need her
My mind on my money cause it's comin' up short
I just left court on child support
A witness to a murda but I will not tell
Cause most of my n***** in the county jail
Amphetamines make me fiend to stack cream
n***** on my team be gone off scalene
My hair fallin' out, it's turnin' gray cause I'm stressed
The police want me dead and a warrant for my arrest
I can't do nothin' plus the IRS
Know my telephone numba and my home address
This n**** wanna murda me, the b****** say they hate me
My heart been feelin like it bust on me lately
I'm gone in this m****f**** mind on loid
The simple situations in life, I can't avoid
n***** out the murda me
Cause they never heard of me
America's most playa hated and under rated
Simply stated, n***** hate it, they wanna test
Homie been accused of playa hatin' so confess
Oh my, know why, these n***** hate me so much
It's cause I can't be touched
I'm diabolical sinister
Man I murda ya minister
When is the narcotic
Reel Life Product
And I'm stressed out
Just gone
Stop steamin and lookin' hard
Stop, stop, stop steamin and lookin' hard
Just gone
Just gone
And I'm stressed out now
Stop steamin and lookin' hard
Stop, stop, stop steamin and lookin' hard

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