"Drifting Away"

DRIFTING AWAY Lyrics by Fade
In this game we play, is trust so cheap?
Promises you never meant to keep
Kick me while I'm down, so you can watch me bleed
Disappear inside the blue, blue sky
Falling, filling in the blanks
I'm drifting away, but it's just that nothing fits
I'm drifting away from you
Drift away
More truth drift away
d*** you, honestly

After all I am merely a man
Blind inside this human condition
More than anything I wanted to believe
Everything you said like you were God
But I can't back down
Too late to quit
Event though some things don't really seem to fit
Blood drippin' from my hands just to keep my grip
It's like I'm lost out at sea and I need to drift
Won't trace any steps cause they lead to this
Can't think about the truth
'Cause it makes me sick, inside
All the games, all the lies and the second tries fill in the blanks
As I fall
Gotta ask why...?
Rewind yourself and there what do YOU see?
'Cause appearance can deceive

It fills me up
The sky so blue
An angry wave
But that's drifting to
'Cause there's bliss in letting go
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