Fall City Fall


TAKEN Lyrics by Fall City Fall
lets be clear everyones got skeletons in the closet,
oh you dont? Well mine aren't dangerous I promise, there are things I keep deep beneath my skin,
begging to let them out the wait when did I let them in?
Everything is wrong, everything is lost.
Look in my eyes and seek the damages you cause,
I'm lost yea, yea I'm a lost cause every time I look at you my stomach ties in knots and its rots.
It f****** rots my brain every time I give into these thoughts it always ends the same. But whos to blame? I hid my shame but I can never escape forever ill be haunted for ill never know your face. Everyone is wrong and everything is lost. Look into the mirror and seek the damages youve caused the pain the suffering your ignorance has caused no thought at all this is all your fault, fill these wounds with salt, disinfect the affection because of you I'm scared to look at my reflection scared at what they say may be true, every day goes by I look a lot like you. Now I don't know if this is something to be concerned of but I've got these ideas unheard of and I keep them locked deep beneath skin of my teeth they will only be revealed in the darkest of dreams so everything is wrong everything is lost we're all f***** so go ahead and try to fun from your shadow, soon we'll find we drown in water so shallow every day a struggle every day is a different battle tell my mother that I love her but another day I cant handle because I'm torn between my nightmares and my dreams and accepting the truth is never as easy as it seems nothing. No nothing is what it seems. Everyone is wrong, everything is lost, Everyone is wrong, everything is lost, Everyone is wrong, everything is lost. we're all f*****.
Everyone, Everyone, Everyone,
We're all f*****.
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