Famous Last Words


SNOWMAGEDDON Lyrics by Famous Last Words
If I died in your arms tomorrow,
Would you know what I lived for today? The end of time is taking over, As the memory fades away.

... (chorus)
The voices scream inside my head
Driving me insane
Their haunted whispers say I'll soon be dead, the endless crushing pain
The rush it's tough I've had enough I simply can not stay
I can't end my life at home
I just need to run away
I need to die alone

The light is fading
Yet getting brighter
The flesh is cold now but I'm feeling warmer
The end has come but now I feel stronger, the final breath it was painful, but now it is over

||:My time it is fading to nothing and I need to walk away from this home where I've been for so long:||

Why do we die alone?
I need to do this on my own
I need to leave this home
Until my body turns to stone
I need to die alone.
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