ATROPOS Lyrics by Fickle
It's a reckoning for a once proud king
As the fires creep through the castle's keep
To an ashen ground we all fall down
Every petty crime we'll do the time
We are running as the ground drops from beneath
It's a fatal flaw break the final straw
On your hero's back you'll the hear the crack
Echo loud and clear does the string end here
Be you friend or foe this will end below
When it all comes down we'll all be eye to eye
To this I will surrender
My weakest December
We're all lost in this mad season
Awash in selfish treason

It's a wake call for them one and all
Let their bridges burn and their bodies yearn
For a medicine to be born again
We are all but germs hail the conqueror worm
To the slaughter we are marching one by one
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