Fire In The Attic Lyrics
"Heartbeats for Paychecks"

We have been bombed by advertising
we have been shot with commercials
we have been stabbed with possesions
there is no time left
so ask yourself how much is an hour of your life worth
stop surviving start living
these are our lives

we've been waiting all night long
under the neonlight
which makes us look pale and sick
heartbeats for paychecks
will buy me entertainment
by every minute we waste
so here we are
totally broken and worthless
left with millions of creditcard debts we made
by buying useless s*** we don't f****** need

so we work hour after hour
willing to sell away minute after minute
of what is most precious to us
our lives!
our lives!
So how much do you pay for that?
Five dollars?
Ten euros?
Eight pounds?
One-thousand yen?
That is how much an hour of your life is f****** worth!

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